Sam Biography


Sam Volpentest (1904 - 2005) Centenarian, Community leader, HAMMER's founder, and Senior Partner, was the Executive Vice President of the Tri-City Industrial Development Council (TRIDEC) and recipient of the International Economic Development Council's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sam was one of the nation's oldest living cancer survivors. Sam was a strong advocate for worker health and safety, and a driving force behind HAMMER. In the late 1980s, Sam adopted the dream of Tri-County fire commissioners and labor councils, by convincing Congress and the U.S. Department of Energy a hands-on training center was needed to protect the health and safety of Hanford workers and regional emergency responders.

Congress appropriated funds for HAMMER in 1995. The new facility became a reality in 1997. Sam advocated for HAMMER and its programs until he passed away in 2005; HAMMER was his pride. The Volpentest HAMMER Training and Education Center proudly bears Sam's name.

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