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Dennis Humphreys
HAMMER Program Manager

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The Hanford Patrol Live Fire Ranges are used by DOE security personnel, other Federal personnel, military personnel, and state and local law enforcement personnel. They are situated on Hanford Patrol Training Academy's campus, located on the southern border of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. The Patrol Training Academy's campus occupies over 8,000 acres.

The Patrol Training Academy's main campus consists of:

  • Six Classrooms
  • Two 100-yard Square Ranges for Small Arms Training and Qualifications
  • 200-yard and 600-yard Known Distance Precision Rifle Ranges
  • Shoot-on-the-Move Courses
  • Running Obstacle Courses
  • Tactical Training Area for Non-lethal Training and Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES) Exercises
  • Interactive Video Shooting Systems (PRISM, BeamHit and Lasershot)
  • Tactical Entry Buildings, Breaching and Mock-Up Facilities
  • 6,000-yard Unknown Distance Multi-Purpose Weapons Range
  • Distance Learning Opportunities
  • Steel Targets, Turning Targets, and Moving Target Systems
  • 4 Lane Rubberized Quarter Mile Running Track
  • Modern Gym and Defensive Tactics Areas
  • 7,000-yard Impact Weapon Range for Long Gun and Special Weapon Systems
  • State of the Art Classrooms, Large Briefing Area and Conference Rooms
  • Secure Storage Areas, Weapons Cleaning Trailer and Armorer's Shop

The Patrol Training Academy is available to DOE and DOE-affiliated entities as well as military, other authorized federal and state agencies, and local emergency response agencies.

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